A Father's Day Post

I was going through photos from this last year (September 2013 onward) and ran across so many memories. I had forgotten! I had forgotten the falling slopes of the cascades, the flocks of pigeons in u-district alleyways, and the varying sands at different beaches. And the so many people I've gotten to spend time with and share all of these beauties with.

Here is a little photographic recap of my backpacking trip with my dad this last summer in the Cascades. I must to say, quality time with the dadio is always legit. 

I wasn't actually intending this to be a tribute to my dad for Father's Day (I only just now remembered that it is coming up this weekend), but that's what it's going to become! I love my dad. I love that we can really share with each other and talk about things. Real things, ya know? The hard things. We both have pretty stubborn personalities (God's working on that in me I think, sometimes it's a slower process than I would wish), but it works out and we learn from each other. I am seriously blessed with my dad. He's helped me to become independent and responsible; he's helped to develop my critical thinking skills and to grow in humbleness by challenging me and taking the time to talk with me. He is always so honest.

I also am so utterly appreciative of his acceptance of me as someone who loves the Lord, as a Christian. And though he doesn't understand it, and definitely challenges it (which I have also learned to appreciate so that I can learn and grow), he loves me, cares for me, and respects me (and more often than not encourages me to pursue my personal convictions because he knows how important it is to me) despite that. The day that my mom married my dad, Aaron, was a seriously amazing day. Amazingly wonderfully awesome.