Gravity is Not Important

Most mornings I wake up and head straight for the hostel kitchen. Often the kitchen is lifeless (unless you count the millions of bacteria that no doubt inhabit kitchen spaces), but if people are awake, that is where they will be. We wake up close to noon days we don't have class. Or 2 PM...but I try not to make that a habit.

Our group is groggy in the mornings. Occasionally you can hear contemplative murmurs of "Screw the whales, let's drink milk" or "Gravity is not important!" or "I feel like being able to whistle like that gets yous one step closer to being a disney princess" or other such philosophical statements. And even, my personal favorite, "Does anyone want coffee?" Deep and thoughtful mutterings.

Everyone is a large contributor in our small little community of 21 people. We are comprised of journalists, artists, environmental scientists, a political scientist, biologists, actors, a lighting director, and a stage director. We share a desire to learn and to expand our post-post-modern thinking, reshaping common "philosophical" questions that ask silly things like "If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there to hear it, does it make a sound?", and challenging each others' preconceptions of what answers to these and our reformulated questions might be. Some present their ideas through academic papers, sound recordings, or paper-mache costumes. The constant exchange of music, poetry, ideas, and general skills is remarkable.

Today is our last day in Akureyri. We will leave behind the cheap produce carried in Bonus bags (attractive fluorescent yellow grocery bags adorned with a winking pig) and access to a variety of coffee shops and bars in exchange for a ski resort in Dalvik that we will have all to ourselves. I see dance parties in the near forecast! And a trip to Grimsey, the arctic circle!


I have been enjoying reading one of my classmate's blogs, which he uses to record some of his experiences in Iceland. A photo of him is at the bottom of this post. He's a fabulous writer! It's a great blog! You guys should read it if you're interested in learning more about our experience in relation Iceland and its people (and just want to be entertained). I have linked his blog below. All of his posts are good, but I would suggest reading "Arctic Turn Terror" and "Reykjavik is For Lovers."

Nick Stillman's blog: