A Familiar Place

Our last days in Reykjavik felt...strange. It was familiar. The first familiar place we had been in two months. We knew what restaurants and bars to go to, that the breakfast provided by the hostel would consist mostly of cereal and fruit, that the beds would be uncomfortable, but that the showers would be long and hot and eggy (love the stuff!). The familiarity was comforting. But strange. Had Iceland become...home?

Allie and I said our goodbyes to our classmates and the volcano-threatened nation (much to the relief of our mothers) and headed towards Tubingen, Germany. 

We arrived exhausted, but excited. I couldn't help but be sad from our goodbyes. That's the thing about traveling (or just life in general). You meet so many people, so many places, learn to love so much, and then you move on to new people and places. The past two months have been some of the absolute best, and in some ways hardest, of my life. Lots of adventures still ahead!


Notes from our first day in Tubingen:

   -Treees treeeees treeeeeesss!!!!!

   -A cat named Balu

   -Supermarkets...HOLY CRAP! I'd forgotten.

   -Amazing architecture.

   -Naps under a warm sun.

   -Street performer swallowing a balloon


A few photos from last few weeks in Iceland (mostly Holt and the surrounding area):