Final Projects

We presented our final projects during the last couple days in Reykjavik. You can check mine out here :) (minus the lengthy artist statement I provided for my professor)

We were free to express our experiential relationship to Iceland using what we felt were relevant concepts from our readings. We could utilize any mediums.  I chose to use digital photography. Others used journals, films, collages, paper mache, stub zines, and even shower curtains.


I was asked by my classmate Zane to photograph the final piece of his series, Midnight Sun. This piece is called Reykjavik (Individuation). He uses a mixture of performance and installation. It was beautiful! He works with light in incredible ways, using the areas of light and dark and varying light tones magnificently. I couldn't help but also photograph the details of his process. 


The following text was projected on the wall behind him as he performed:

Important things to remember while you travel:
Keep track of time.
Remember where you come from.
Reasons to come back.
Reasons to never leave.

A list of beautiful things:
A strong wind that just nearly blows you over.
Sitting in a chair.
The smell of salt water.
Snow in July.
Bird song.

Things everyone should learn at one point or another:
How to take something apart and put it back together again.
How to read the stars.
When to keep quiet.
What makes you angry and why.

Reasons to never leave:
The water shines bright and the stench of sulfur has never been so refreshing.
The promise of light and dark, day and night.
Breathe in, do you feel that?
Be happy, if only for an hour.

Reasons to come back:
You miss the burn.
Nothing will be the same.
Looking up means getting lost in the woods.
— Zane Suarez