One of My Favorite Things

So people keep asking me, "Where has been your favorite place so far?" I don't think people know how hard that question is. I mean, do they not know how hard it is for me to pick between coffee ice cream and mango sorbet or whether I should get up off this chair to go pee or sit here to finish typing this sentence? (I decided to finish the sentence and then hurry to the restroom a few minutes later...yes it took me that long to finish that sentence. I couldn't decide if it was too informational. You can see I decided).

I have been telling people that besides Iceland (which I loooved, particularly because of the people I was with), my favorite so far is the Cinque Terre area. The Mediterranean Sea, sun, warm beaches, beautiful hikes, fresh figs and grapes off the tree/vine, dairy-free coconut gelato...what's not to like? Gelato is the turning point for me though. I would go back purely for the gelato. Oh man it's good.