Steampunk Grandpa

A few weekends ago I spent some time in Long Beach with my grandparents at their vacation condo. As a youngun, I used to travel there with them almost every weekend. The parks, beaches, and thrift shops were (and are!) always so fun to explore. I bought my first furniture as an adult at a thrift shop there! It is the dresser in my current room. I'm feeling a little nostalgic.

It's hard to catch a photo of Grandpa when he isn't making faces at me. He is possibly the biggest goofball I know. And I love him for it! I admire how he views the world. With his imagination and youthful spirit, he notices the potential in what most would call junk. He sees a piece of driftwood as a monstrous snake, a beach landscape as a trip to mars, and transforms garage sale finds into pieces of steampunk garden art for the small patch of land in front of their vacation home.

P. S. I don't think my grandma likes to be photographed :)