There's A Light: The Source

One of my favorite aspects of photographing people is learning his/her stories. Liz grew up fighting sickness and the resulting scars remain on her arms. As a kid, I always wanted scars. I thought they spoke of adventure and untold, and then told, stories. Unfortunately, the only scar I ever got (excluding my belly-button, of course), is on my arm from an old alley cat named Ruffles....I found out that Ruffles did not want to be my friend. Scars, whether physical or emotional, are a part of who we are. The hardships we have faced shape us into who we are today and continue to mold us. Liz's voice is incredibly powerful and aches with the hope we hold in times of pain. Just listen:

Also her song "Empty Me Out" from her album There's A Light was just featured on NPR: