Julie and Julia inspiration

I am sitting in my new room surrounded by half empty boxes of stationery, smelly shoes, and  plastic spoons. Whoever knew I needed so much stationery? Or plastic spoons. I have my first full day off since my return from the Philippines and my brain, after juicing more beets and carrots than anyone has a right to and moving to a new home, feels like one of those newspapers I've seen rolling around on the side of the street picked up by the wind. By the way, is anyone else as excited as I am for this little cold and windy bout we've had?

I just finished watching Julie and Julia while unpacking and rearranging and re-rearranging my room. I, of course, had to pause the movie to make a quick run to Trader Joes because I realized I could not get through the movie without eating. I forgot that I really love that movie. Do any of you remember the part in the movie where Julia meets her sister? That is my mom and I. Outrageously loud laughs. Goodness gracious! Mostly, though, I was comforted by the fact that both protagonists worked incredibly hard to publish their respective books, and sometimes they didn't know what or what for or how. They had melt downs. They thought about giving up.

I have to admit, lately I've thought a lot about my goals and had mini life-confusion crisis (plural). My brain is almost constantly yelling "what the hell are you doing!" My two big life things (Jesus incorporated) are travel and photography. And many goals within those two broad themes. Some things are worth working our asses off for and it may take a single year, or ten, or twenty, to narrow our focus and do them, but we shouldn't give up hope. Anyway, that's what I keep telling myself. Keep working my ass off! Spend more time praying, and continue my list making, and doing.

I haven't finished organizing all of my shoots from the Philippines yet. There are 5 specific ones I have started to compose and, I must say, I am excited to share them :)

Here is a singular shot. Rather like a trailer of what's coming.