SacTown with a Bosom Friend

I haven't posted to this blog in quite a while, and I have decided it is time to start once again since I am about to move to Hawaii. I have too many shoots and thoughts of people and places I love to not express them in some manner.

A few weekends back, my friend Elizabeth and I ventured on a road trip to Sacremento before I headed to San Francisco to do some exploring of my own (photos of SF are in my portfolio). During the 18 hours of driving, we discovered the depth of our kindred-ness and further confirmed our claim as "bosom friends." Aside from this, it was the budding of major changes in both of our lives.  For Elizabeth, it was the beginning of a deeper independence, and for me it was the inklings of desire to move out of the PNW. 

I look forward to more late nights and FaceTime dates with this one.