A Family Tradition

Moving to a new city always comes with its ups and downs. Something I've found is that home can be anywhere. I've always found people I love everywhere I've been. I, honestly, didn't move to Portland for the few friends I already knew live here or my aunts and my little cousin Annabelle Hunter. But moving near to family I used to only see 2-4 times a year definitely has its bonuses! Now I get to have more tea parties, jump in more puddles, and be around people who understand that sticking your tongue out at people is just plain old cool. My mom and I used to try to catch each other off guard. From across the room she would say "Hey, Chimera..." in a suspiciously mischievous voice, and I would turn towards her with my eyes closed and tongue out. "Gosh darn it!" I had won!...that time.  

We are teaching Annabelle out most important family traditions.