Mikayla & Brad

On a snowy February weekend, I photographed the wedding of Mikayla and Brad in Independence, Oregon with my lovely and talented friend Kami Couch (whose website you can check out here). Kami had the task of being both a bridesmaid and a photographer. The roads were icy, the air was chilly, caterers and guests were unable to reach the venue, and yet, Mikayla and Brad, determined to get married, had friends who used their four-wheel drive vehicles to make sure they got there!

The day of snow stomping and frozen fingers ended with a few rounds of whip-the-willow and electric slide (I might've joined in the dancing for a bit...). The next morning, after having late-night/early morning "philosophical" discussions ("philosophical" according to our tired minds that is) with Kami, as sometimes happens with good friends, I made my way back to Seattle in time for a final.

Definitely a fun adventure!